Monday, June 16, 2014

Wrong Way Eric

On his way to hear Kanye West late Saturday at Bonnaroo, Writers Cabin guy Eric took the wrong turn at Yellow Bird and ended up deep in the jungle. Soemow he had steered his Toyota Yaris almost to 'Japan' before sliding off into a ditch. Randall and Joseph came by Sunday and dragged him out ignominiously with the tractor. In the daylight it seemed impossible that anyone could have driven that far on a muddy track. But Eric had hope, even faith, that he would get back on the main road. We need to make a cul de sac sign. Anyway there was no way to turn around. Randall: "We have to give that boy a name: How about "Wrong Way" Eric.

Sartre once said there are no real adventures - that what we call adventures are ex post facto reconstructions.Well Eric is a writer, so perhaps this will turn into a story.

Photo: Quinby