Friday, June 13, 2014

Where is Steely?

I have not seen Steely Dan for a few days. I hope he is holed up somewhere, healing. Or that he has gone on a long hike. But I fear the worst. He was limping when I last saw him, though he seemed in good spirits. He often came down to the house to hang out, but I rarely let him in because he liked to curl up in my recliner and I thought he had mites, despite the collar. Still, he is/was the BEST of cats, and if he is gone, I will not quickly forget him. He was the star of the Alien Visitor video, crossing the creek on request over white stepping stones. He was extremely affectionate, and would come on mile long walks, positioning himself under my feet as if inviting being stepped on. He welcomed all comers. I will miss him much. I hope he comes back.