Friday, June 27, 2014

Planning a Retreat

Zen Temple? Paradise Garden? Meditation Retreat? Healing Center? Wildlife Refuge? Art Farm? Sculpture Park? All of the above? What could YB be? Friends from Green Gulch Farm (San Francisco) came by to advise! This is the kind of building they have there.

We marked out possible sites for a zendo (meditation hall), plus dining room and kitchen, and for an accommodation block. We would attempt to blend Japanese/Frank Lloyd Wright/Tennessee farm vernacular architectural styles. Post & beam and uplifting tin roofs anyone? The idea would be to run residential  workshops, and have a few ongoing residents.

Zendo here?

Measuring up
So far about 110'

Here is an image of a cantilever barn from East Tennessee - fuel for hybridization?

And here is a traditional Japanese farmhouse. But perhaps the important thing is the light inside. (See next image.)