Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rain raineth

Habits can lead us astray! It was about 7pm when I bundled up the hill to feed the animals their daily chow. The cats democratically all at once, with some mild hissing. The dogs in strict hierarchy: father (Rex), son (Swash), and finally mom (Zip). I get back as the sky is darkening, gathering itself for a deluge. I think, just for a moment, "I must water the garden soon or I will be caught in the rain." This is different from, but on a par with stopping on the way back from the spring realizing I have forgotten to 'turn off the water'. The rain did come. The weather forecast was still saying there was a 30% chance of rain as it was 110% falling. Only slightly less mad than telling us that today's max temperature would be 94, while indicating at the same time it was 97 outside. Some people don't trust the web. How could one not trust such fearless inconsistency! We just need a rich supply of pinches of salt. It rained. It rained hard. It seemed like a miracle. Cracks in the earth waved the raindrops to their terminal rendezvous with absolute pent-up dryness, and the sighs of long-delayed satisfaction rippled all over the land.