Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jack and the Beanstalk

The beans have been eaten to the point of extinction by something as yet unidentified. Perhaps Jack's mother, to keep him more earthbound. But some of the corn is over 11 feet high. I believe this is the corn I was given on that trip to the strip-mining sites in Kentucky last Fall. It's decorative (red and brown), not especially edible. But I need to find to what that means.
Last year crows ate the cobs straight off the plant. Despite the drought, and the soil problem, we are getting some serious produce, thanks to the regular afternoon rain. I plucked my first cantaloupe today, and cannot wait to test the idea that ripening on the vine really does make a difference, that locovor is not just a slogan.
There are more seeds sprouting in the nursery, and despite the bare patches, this whole network of raised beds will be full - probably with too many tomatoes. But I can never get enough.
And here's a shot of the garden from the gate.