Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

One old billy died last week (see Bye Bye Billy, below). He was an individual goat, this goat not that goat, and not just part of a flow of goatiness. With spectacles I can almost imagine him reading up on the variety of peach tree I had planted, and making some suggestions for future plantings. He did look wise. But here he is, half submerged in the water. Did he get stuck in the mud, fall over and drowned? Or did he have heat stroke, and died looking for something cool? Here is a sad image.
So Billy was not just a transient goat-phase. His loss is real. And yet, a few days ago, look what appears! A new kid on the block, brimming with bounce, a life that did not exist at all before. And now?
We can't just say he's a replacement for the old dead goat. And yet we do say - "Life goes on." Is that just a way of coping with death?