Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Catching Up

I have neglected this blog. So much has happened.
* "Flow" the movie
* Serious progress on Shambhala (meditation space made of cob)
* New shed to create storage and workshop space
* Fencing the sauna with bamboo to enable a white scented  goatproof garden
* Lots more work on the garden: raised beds, watering system
* Major efforts by wwoofers over Spring/Summer 2013
* Preliminary ground clearing and planning for pagoda in 'Japan' incorporating delapidated chimney
* Considering buying field next to pagoda, and maybe the old white house next door on Sunny Slope
* Booking first proper artist-in-residence for September
* Making word signs for Mots Trouvee trails
* Realizing I bought the original farm in October 2002. Scary the passage of time.

Some photos next time.