Friday, November 16, 2012

I feel so bloguilty. How can I have been blog-awol since August? Here's a list of stuff I should have written about: 1. Christina held a cob workshop that mostly built the walls for the central building in Shambala,
a meditation site on a pavement on the side of the hill above the barn overlooking the lake and pond.
2. Joe and Kathy finished the plumbing (water and gas) to the cabin so its almost done. Just needs a loo and heater.3. Joe and Randall completed the water supply to both cabin and sauna, with cut-offs etc. 4. Sharon and friend stayed in the cottage in exchange for some painting and cleaning. Alarm over toilet flush. Now it all works. 5. Stewie (wwoofer) mostly finished a bamboo fence around the sauna, with a torii gate. This is to keep the goats out and create a garden for plants.
6. Rebecca and Garret (wwoofers) laid a stone path and steps down from the sauna.
7. The garden supplied LOTS of great veggies. Esp chard, toms, beet, basil and arugula. Next year need that watering system in. 8. Crissy and Emily (Nashville spelunkers) explored the sinkhole by the meditation space.
9. We started on the Yellow Bird Wordscape, with