Sunday, June 13, 2010

Walls and fences

Last week, after the Israeli commando raid on Gaza relief boats I constructed (planning stage) large pieces of sculpture that would effectively protest against such walls everywhere. Including the 2000 mile barrier between Mexico and the US. Thesis: every wall is the mark of a political failure. Treats people like animals ...

Back at YB, the top of the barn is becoming 'pelleted' - somehow the goats are getting up there. They have already found a way into most of the lower area. I think they have demolition equipment hidden in the woods. (Why do I go to such doggy lengths to protect them? A mystery.) So I spent dusk fencing off all their access points to the barn. They have other places they can get shade. Like the sauna - aaaargh I have to fence that off too! Fortunately their pellets when dried and collected are good fertilizer.

So I clearly believe in fencing - treating animals like ... animals. If I could reason with them, I would. In justification: I am fencing them out of prime shelter (the barn) for which I have other uses, directing them towards more suitable spaces, and fencing them IN to about 170 acres. They are getting a GREAT deal. I am fencing them out of my orchard - they have eaten my fruit trees - for the same reason. They don't need to eat the bark and leaves of young apple trees, and when they do they kill them. Ditto the deer out of my garden.

Playpens are good for kids. Can't get away from it - I am a fence-paternalist when it comes to kids and creatures.