Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sometimes a tower is just a tower

Last year (!!) I marked out the six spots for the deep holes into which the trimmed cedar trees were to be slotted. I have waited and waited for the soil to be dry enough for the heavy drilling truck to be able to make it w/o sinking into the mud. Meantime the markings faded.

This morning it took an hour to remark the spots, using the precious early morning coolth from 6:30-7:30. Zip heard me hammering stakes and barked-up the valley. Good dog. I am trying to creep up on big projects so they do not seem quite so daunting. Trouble is there is heavy rain on many an afternoon. Will conditions ever be right?

Why a tower? Rilke writes: "Are we here perhaps just to say: house, bridge, well, gate, jug, fruit tree, window-- at most, column, tower... but to say, understand this, to say it as the Things themselves never fervently thought to be."

Am I going too far - wanting to build a tower, plant fruit trees, construct a (Japanese) bridge, and a column ("Covenant", spanning the Gaza/Israeli wall)?

I know the way of words, and honor it. But there is something about a tower not found in a 'tower'. Is it just a guy thing?