Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hannah's Garden

Hannah came two weeks ago and left today for her next wwoofing stop, an apiary in N Carolina. She rescued the garden from my neglect, and finished planting seeds. Among other things. Here she is pressure washing the oak boards I'm cutting up into wedges to make a giant round bench for the lake firepit. On her last day she turned artist and made an installation of tiny bells in the trees in the Arch Garden.

As she was leaving this morning something strange happened. My cat Steely Dan Thoreau (deceased) was wont to get into the car through an open window, and even have lunch there, leaving the wrappers on the floor (feathers). I joked that if a cat smuggled himself in her truck Hannah would have a long way to drive back. This morning a mouse did just that, and hid in her truck lining. So she is taking him/her to N Carolina in the hope, eventually of coaxing him out of hiding. This is a mouse with no name and no special residency rights.
At the bottom, just such a mouse, inspecting the Cabin Outhouse. An outhouse mouse.

Bells in the boughs