Monday, May 26, 2014

Map of garden

It seems so artificial! Isn't gardening supposed to be about getting your hands dirty, relieving the pressure on the brain? So why would one make a map of where to put the veggies? Doesn't that lead to armchair gardening? Well it's the same old story - sometimes you need to take a step back to solve a problem, and my problem was too many plants, not enough space. But if I look at the options of compossibility on paper, I can get a sense of the whole, and come up with a better solution than with boots on the ground.
This is what I came up with. The central column is not a bed but a list of plants/seeds/seedlings still in need of a home. I have annotated my hard copy so everything now has a destination.

Strange that my other current obsession is shaping a leisure garden in the area planned for the school bus. I crowd-sourced my friends (i.e.asked their advice) and this location is their idea. It took a while to sink in as a possibility. Now it seems obvious. Strange how that happens.
Breaking news: I made four bottomless pots out of roofing felt for some surplus tomato plants, and leaned them up against the outside of the greenhouse. This is how Grandpa used to grow tomatoes inside his Guernsey greenhouse. I still remember finding tiny hot sweet toms to gobble after the end of the season. The plants get half stripped of their leaves and then buried up their necks in compost. They send out roots all the way up and down the stem and grow huge. And the roots can go down into the soil.