Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yellow Bird / Giverny

In setting up Yellow Bird I had partly in mind Monet's garden(s) at Giverny* Three big differences - YB is much bigger and more interesting topologically* Giverny had no goats, or deer, and lots of flowers (connected!)* And Monet was, well, Monet, and did not get his reputation from his garden* And he had (I believe) lots of gardeners*

Giverny went through long periods of neglect, and it is a miracle it still exists* Only now is it open for visitors* YB will not have lily ponds, or flower gardens, but in some ways it should be just as interesting, not least as an ambulatory place* with sculpture trails* The one feature of Monet's original I would dearly love to copy is the Japanese bridge* Damn it, I remember it as red! Here is an image:It is planned to go between the two lakes* I think I need to get on and have someone make it, as he did! Here is the general plan of the gardens at Giverny* I need to develop a similar such map for YB*

"Claude Monet (1840-1926) expressed the opinion that he was good for two things in life – painting and gardening. Today, his paintings fetch record prices at auction, and his restored 5 acre (2 hectare) garden at Giverny, France – an hour north of Paris by car – attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

The garden is composed of two equal parts – Monet’s flower garden immediately in front of his house, and his water garden on an adjoining property, today connected by an underground tunnel to avoid visitors crossing a busy highway that in Monet’s day was a railroad track.

Monet declared his water garden his greatest work of art, and he delighted in conducting visitors around like the emperors of Imperial Japan when they entertained important dignitaries. He was also visited by numerous journalists who captured his thoughts as they toured his garden, and took photographs so that today we have an accurate record of what the water garden looked like at its peak of perfection, and why he designed it the way he did, as a cup garden and a subject to paint in all seasons and under all lighting conditions." (Derek Fell)

For more information about Giverny:

As for RED bridges, here is a possibility: