Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Space, and the Magic of Place

Before 7am this morning Randall Bogle was bulldozing the last section of the Japan loop, winding up the hill from the road he cut two days ago, to join the road from the old Sunny Slope entrance, negotiating rocky outcrops and sturdy trees, and maintaining where possible a gentle gradient. We retraced the whole route back to the house, dressing it up a little. I am not sure whether google earth can see what we did. But it did feel like drawing lines on the landscape with a very big brash brush. At the moment it is all very raw, with broken and wounded trees everywhere, dislodged rocks, and random piles of earth. With wind, rain, gravity and the action of countless living things, this harshness will heal.

We need benches by the road, meditation sites. I talked to Donald at the CC Arts Center about a bench competition for local artisans, with follow-up installation. Must look up some images on google. And in head.

Magic: YB can increasingly become magical both in itself (moonlit paths) and also as a canvas for magical activity and designation. Space turns into place, and the next step is magic.