Monday, November 10, 2008

Renewing the Peace Circle

In April 2003 we created a Peace Circle of 21 trees about 65' across, and buried a time-capsule under one of these trees, with many poems and statements and small objects. 'We' had just invaded Iraq. Since then things have not gone well. And some of the trees in the circle have died or almost died. Some have already been replaced, but it would be a good time to take stock, tidy up and replace what needs replacing, perhaps with different species of trees. Can we plant honey locusts, which have huge thorns on both branches and trunk? They seem to thrive in that area, but what sort of message of peace would it send to plant heavily armed trees? There are also oaks, walnuts, cedars in the area. So, I will set aside this coming Sunday afternoon for druidic renewal. And bury a new time capsule sending into the future whatever people send or bring. Perhaps including a front page of a newspaper announcing Obama's election.