Friday, September 26, 2008

Reigning cats and dogs

Joe leaves a note. His truck is sick, he is out-of-town, and can I feed Buddy and the cats? Buddy's trough is full, but he starts eating when I arrive. Do some eat because they are lonely, and others cannot eat when they feel lonely? Or is Buddy eating in front of me just to show willing? Joe has left him table scraps (on top of regular biscuit chow) - against all vets recommendations - is Buddy trying to tell me he is OK with that? I get to the cats. Again full bowls. And a big surprise - five tiny kittens - two ginger and three blue/grey. All perfect miniatures, with sparkly heads. Unlike their parents they let me handle them. Should I break the feral cycle by doing this everyday. Should I have them all vetted? (This would make them expensive coyote breakfast.) Or should I take a ginger one for Berserker to play with? In memory of Tigger at 2 Emscote Rd? I feed Angie's three Heflingers their own special mix. Plus half a pear each. They take the fruit with their big rubber lips. Do they know to avoid using their teeth, or is that just good luck every time?

I drive on with my 4x4, and take a tour of the estate. Much to do if I want to host a sculpture competition[exhibition etc next summer/fall. To begin with, maintain all trails, and map the whole area, with names. How to invent names? I could draw on a literary model (Tigger was lifted from W the Pooh). Or wait for memories and associations to arise. Or?